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The Raeburn Shield Design

The Raeburn Shield

The Raeburn Shield does not yet physically exist but the design does and it incorporates some nice touches which give it a sense of history and make reading it a story of the international game since 1871...

Raeburn Shield - Front On.png


The Shield would be made with layers of wood forming platforms for the Silver badges which adorn it.

The intention is to try and source the central wooden disc from a tree or old stand at Raeburn Place, the location of that first match back in 1871. This would mean the "heart" of the shield really links to the beginning of our game.

Raeburn Shield Partial Tilt.png


Starting at the centre and radiating out in a clockwise fashion each Silver badge would be engraved with:

  • New Shield Holder (e.g Scotland)
  • Date of match (e.g. 27th March 1871)

Our model has 195 badges on it currently and another layer of wood would be add when we hit 200. At current rates it would take a further 5 - 75 years to fill this next layer.

The central disc holds a world map and the inscription:

Tracing a single line of champions in International Rugby Union from 1871 to today
Raeburn Shield Full Tilt.png

Getting it made

So far the 3D model has been created to bring the concept to life and show what is planned for in the roadmap.

Our next step is to have discussion with a reputable trophy maker and work towards what the target for pricing the creation would be.

From this we would look to support making the shield through crowd funding so please watch this space.