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In The News

We love it when people spread the word so here is a place to share the articles we love.

An article in "The Roar" giving a hat tip to the Raeburn Shield ahead of their 2017 Northern tour can be seen here

Elliot Smith has written a great piece over at the New Zealand Herald imagining what the last couple of weeks would have been like if the shield actually existed.

Go and have a look here

They have been talking about the Raeburn Shield in Spain too!. If you can read Spanish give it a look here.

We had to use google translate but it looked like a good write-up.

It was great to hear Fred, Ed and Harbl from the "Line Break" podcast having a good quality chat about the Raeburn Shield on their entertaining podcast.

You can stream episode one here

"Fun on the Shore" writes for EatSleepRugby about our Mythical Shield

It's a well written piece and we think you should have a read.

Conor O'Leary over at has realised Ireland’s Win Over South Africa Was Even More Important Than We Realised 

Why not go on over and have a look.

Huw Baines over at ESPNScrum wrote a nice Alternate History piece about the Raeburn Shield.

It's a good read, you should give it a look.

Here goes a link to a rugby forum that has always been supportive of the Raeburn Shield

Rugby Rebels can be found here